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Spray Foundation

50.60 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Now you can give your legs a makeover in just a few seconds with our Spray Foundation. No sun, No salon, No streaks, just flawless and irresistible legs. It features an ultra fluid and ultra fine texture. The Spray Foundation by Daily life Forever52 gives a perfect toned look to your legs, covering major skin flaws like spider veins, stretch marks, scars and etc.


Waterproof formula, with SPF 20

Leaves your skin feeling flawless

blends in evenly and lends a perfect toned look to your legs

How to use:

Spray the Air Foundation directly onto your hands and spread it evenly all over your legs and/or your arms. Allow the foundation to set and Dry for 60 seconds to achieve a beautiful finish to your skin

50.60 SAR
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