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Translucent Shiny Loose Powder

33.35 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Love loose powder? Try Daily Life Forever52 Translucent Shiny Loose Powder. The invisible particles of this translucent powder act as a filling agent for pores and fine lines, giving you a smooth, shiny and natural finish. This innovative shiny loose powder is versatile and can be used to conceal dark circles. Our daily Life Forever52 Translucent Shiny Loose Powder settles on to the skin effortlessly to blur out imperfections while simultaneously enhancing your complexion


Extend the lifespan of your base

Ultra fine translucent sublimely silky powder

Helps conceal flaws

Lays a foundation for makeup application over cream and liquid makeup

How to use:

Dab the powder on your face with the provided applicator in the product. Just pat it on and dust it off for an even coverage. It can be used to set concealer and foundation. Indulge your flawless beauty for the next 8+ hours!

33.35 SAR
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